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About Kayleigh

It's about passion. My life, my job, my mantra. It's about living each day really connecting with people. Providing them with not just photos, but love, appreciation and hard work. It's about being there for you, and your family, as the fleeting moments pass.

My passion exposed itself to me in the first 5 years of life and I haven't put down a camera since. The best part of working with someone who absolutely loves their job is they have the capacity to not just care about the task at hand, but about you too, because the passion is an instinct, it's part of my personality.

I have clients say that family members, thought I was family. I have found out the sex of a baby before the parents, experienced several first breaths and I have helped families say goodbye by preserving precious last moments.

I give everything I have to what I love and there will be no mistaking that everything I will do for you will be out of absolute passion, and love.

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