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I am Your person


I know, its supposed to be your groom, your maid of honour, your mom.
But what about, your photographer?

Here’s the deal.

If you need someone to tell Groomy that he needs to write you a tear-jerking letter on your wedding day?

I’m in.

Have a Mother, Mother-in-law who wants to wear white, possibly maybe her old wedding dress?

You leave the crazy lady to me.

Wanna ditch the entire event, take your maids to Vegas and have me photograph the whole thing?

I have my passport ready and am willing to travel.

Found that adorable shot on People sitting in a spot that would make a fantastic photo op?

“MOVE, Get out the way!!” - That's me, working for you.

I’m directive, assertive, light-hearted, open-minded and actually, pretty funny to have around on your wedding day.

Let me capture all the beauty that happened you didn’t see while you were too busy crying because they only delivered one spoon for each setting instead of two.

( don’t worry, I'm sure that atrocity won’t happen on YOUR day)

I have a team of colleagues on standby ready to video, paparazzi and cover every inch of your meticulously planned event. How many of my team do you want? Because I have an amazing group of people I have hand selected to work for me for you.

I'll be here for you.

You’re going to look fantastic,

the day is going to be great

and you’ll have beautiful photos to remember it by.

If you hire me
I'm your person.
Let's do this.

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