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Bride to Tribe

When I met Victoria on a sunny day at a Starbucks in my town she was a breath of fresh air and a beam of light into my universe. She was the kind of client photographers dreamed of, and it turned out she was the type of friend people wished on stars for.

I did Victoria and Jesse’s wedding in the middle of the day, on a Tuesday.

Victoria absolutely loved that her wedding was on a Tuesday and it honestly made me love her even more. I would come to learn that having her wedding on a Tuesday afternoon not only was a boss move only Victoria could pull off and second, but almost the entire day I kept thinking it was a Saturday. It made no difference to her guests, they all attended rain or shine, Saturday afternoon or Tuesday morning. When I exported their wedding photos I filed them under “Victoria’s Wedding” although I probably should have put it under “Victoria and Jesse’s wedding” but, I digress.

Our friendship would bloom and at times Victoria was the only person I had seen in weeks, and even if we hadn’t seen each other in months, the conversation flowed as if

we had seen each other yesterday. We would meet up a year after her wedding at a pick ur part for a gorgeous lifestyle session. I still can’t believe she trusted me, but it was so much fun and seeing my friend so happy was such an amazing gift to my soul.

When I exported the session I named it "Victoria".

When Victoria got pregnant I could not have been more excited to have another mama bear in the trenches with me. I attended her ultrasound with glee and made inappropriate comments the ENTIRE time.

I don’t think either of us will ever forget the ultrasound tech asking Victoria if she regretted bringing me after I told her “Good Luck with that” about the baby’s head size. Being the class act she is, Victoria laughed and said that she did not regret bringing me at all. We made guesses about what she would have but she did not want to know. Having two boys myself I recognized the anatomy pretty quickly before the ultrasound tech moved the camera away telling us it was the umbilical cord. I knew better. I knew my friend was about to receive the same title I held, Boy Mom.

Closer to her due date Victoria started driving insanely far to hang out with me during a particularly crazy time in my year. She descended upon my life like a 8 month pregnant angel, helping me with work, keeping me sane and sometimes even watching a kid.

We traded a bit of time and we did a gorgeous maternity session one very cold winter morning. Her courage and fierceness never dimmed while she was pregnant and she was up for anything.

I mean, anything.

When I exported Victoria’s session I saved it under “Victoria’s Maternity”.

A few weeks after my last visit with Victoria her and Jesse’s beautiful baby arrived and I watched Victoria become the most natural and calm mom I had ever seen. My entire family immediately contracted several flus in a row and I was unable to meet the little bundle until just recently.

I packed up my four year old and just like she had done a million times for me, I drove to her. It.



Every minute on each highway I appreciated more the sacrifice my friend had made for me several times and how treacherous this drive must have been some days.

I got to meet baby right away and he melted into my universe like blue chocolate wafers in a warm pan. He was apart of my world now.

My friend, made me a friend.

He was already just like his Mom. A breath of fresh air and a beam of light into my universe.

When I exported his session I typed out “Victoria” and my computer gave me a warning that I already had a file named Victoria, and than it hit me.

I deleted what I had written, letter by letter and wrote


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