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Her Best Life

I am a firm believer that when we ask the Universe for help we are given a human helper, or in my world an angel. 

I meet many of my angels through the means of my clients, and many of them stay in my heart forever. 

When a colleague of mine ran into some personal situations I reached out to help her cover a session she had booked. What I didn’t know was that in helping my friend, I would meet a woman who would help me in ways none of us expected or could predict.

Tanya made major life changes and a year ago underwent major surgery to transform her life. 

It doesn’t take long after meeting Tanya to realize what a huge positive influence she is on not just on those around her, but to anyone she meets. 

What started out as a birthday session celebrating with ribbons and balloons, quickly turned into a life lesson. 

“You can’t conform” Tanya would tell me. “You have to keep some of you, for you” Little side quips in our hour long session I don’t think she had any idea the impact she was making. While our session started out posed and playful, it turned into something a lot deeper and more meaningful documenting the beauty she exerts by validating, connecting, opening up, and being vulnerable around people. When someone lets their guard down around you, it makes you feel warm and accepted. It made me feel as if I was easy to get along with, happy, important and most of all, worth her vulnerable side. I fell in love with Tanya’s power look, that would turn into an absolute true genuine smile in a matter of 1/2000 of a second. While editing her session my unfiltered three year old screeched. 

“Oh MY GOSH! She’s SO…. HAPPY!"

I admire Tanya. I admire her for her resilience, tenacity, and glow. We could all be a little bit more Tanya, placing ourself and worth higher on our list of priorities. Loving ourself so much that when we meet people that love spreads and inspires those around us to love themselves more. A love so overflowing that we feel loved, accepted and trusted just by being in the presence of some one with so much happiness.

Tanya is a true warrior, mentor and influence. 

Congratulations on all of your triumphs and Happiest of Birthdays.

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