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It's important to be not only comfortable with your photographer, but be well informed about their services, gear and quality. Trusting your big day to be captured is a huge honor and honestly, one that should be taken seriously. Here you will find several questions that have found their way to me by brides over the years. I have filled it out honestly to give you the comfort, without the pressure, of having to ask the tough questions. I implore you to ask every photographer you're considering these questions. It will give you a good indication of how prepared they are. Allowing you to rest easy knowing your day is taken care of. 

Publically offering this questionnaire is just another way 16 Seasons puts our clients and quality first.

What gear are you working with and why do you choose to use it specifically?

I work with both crop frame as well as a full frame sensor camera. One is Canon and one is Nikon. Mostly I use my Full Frame D750 with a variety of zoom and prime lenses.


Do you have backup equipment and can you tell me of a time that something went wrong and how you fixed it?

Because I shoot with two cameras I have never had the issue of having to problem solve day of as I come prepared for any emergency as well as emergency photographers on hand. My second shooter also carries one to two cameras so choosing a package with at least two shooters is extra insurance.


Do you have a business license and liability insurance?

My Liability insurance is with Wawanesa.  My business license is for Parkland County.


What happens if all your gear will be stolen a few days before the wedding?

I currently run an Alberta Photographers group that has 88 photographers who support each other. We have lent each other our gear if need be or if there are mechanical failures. I am also connected with an account at McBain so renting equipment for the day is also an option. If I knew the equipment was gone for good and I knew it would be covered, I would just go purchase a new camera and rent any extra lenses I couldn't replace right away.


What kind of lighting do you work with?

I am comfortable with my off-camera flash. I also chose my Nikon d750 for it impeccable and unmatched ability to shoot in low light. In low light situations, I also adjust my sense use to something that is more apt to capture better photos in low light situations as well. On top of that my Nikon SB-910 is a professional grade off camera flash that helps me illuminate the darker situations.



Where can I see more of your work?

My wedding portfolio and be found Here and is one of the most extensive and easily navigated portfolios. In it you will find hundreds of photos in each gallery of the weddings I have covered or been apart of.



How many images will I get and will the images I get be straight out of camera, untouched?

All photos that are delivered are standard meeting, individual edited, and hand edited. I do not deliver RAW photos but my benchmark goal is usually one photo per minute hired, often over delivering. 


Do you have a limit to the number of images you will edit?

No, I edit any images I deem suitable.


What is your plan if you are ill or there is an emergency and you cannot photograph my wedding?

Because of the support network of photographers I have created in Alberta, as well as my connections to many avenues to professional photographers I am able to provide emergency servicing. My second shooter is also aware that incase I can not be there, they will be reappointed to main and we will replace the second shooter. This will mean that the second shooter is already educated on the itinerary and preferences for the day. I personally select second shooters who shoot my style so the brand is kept the same


What is your cancelation policy?

When you purchase your wedding day that money goes towards withholding your day from someone else booking it as well as goes towards your total package purchase and is non-refundable.  Your second payment goes towards the engagement session. If the engagement session has been completed that money is also non-refundable. Your next payment isn’t due until one week before the wedding to avoid cancelation returns.


How many weddings have you captured?

Over 6 years I have captured dozens of weddings. On top of my own weddings, I offer my services to other photographers as a second shooter or fill in. My first wedding I captured was an elopement in 2012 and last year I saved a brides day filling in as a photographer for her Wedding Day in less than an hours notice.

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